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Get to the root of your nutrition, behavior and health challenges
and enjoy food again.

Is your diet hurting you instead of healing you? I'm here to help you develop a whole new relationship with what you eat — one where food is health, food is medicine, and food is joy. You and foods. Friends again.

Feel the relief of a healthy gut

Finally solve your gut pain, bloating, IBS, heartburn or inflammatory bowel disease. My individualized approach doesn't just treat the symptoms — it gets to the root cause so you can feel better quickly, eat confidently, and get back to the life you love.

Uncover food sensitivities & micronutrient needs

If you've been bouncing from one mystified professional to another looking for help with your fatigue, mood issues, headaches, rashes, muscle pain and more, let's stop the head scratching. My detailed testing process will give you answers, clear solutions and a path to health.

Love foods & your body again

Release fear, guilt, frustration and confusion around food. End the endless dieting. My evidence-based approach helps you swiftly gain confidence in choosing your foods and the freedom to enjoy them at last.

What is your relationship with food?

Maybe your gut hurts a lot of the time and you have no idea anymore what helps and what hurts.  Maybe you have aches, pains or rashes that you know are triggered by what you eat, but you can't pin it all down.  Maybe you've been following the latest diets for so long you no longer have any idea what to eat. Or maybe you're at the end of your rope after years of disordered eating.

If you sit down to eat with anything less than confidence and enthusiasm, your relationship with food has become more complicated than it needs to be. 

It's possible to know what is safe and nourishing for your body. It's possible to be healthy without dieting. It's possible to eat for hunger or even for pleasure — and then not obsess about it until it's time to eat again. 

There is a way forward and I'm here to help you find it.

The You & Foods Difference

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Personalized Coaching

Your unique life experiences and biochemistry point to more than a one-size-fits-all approach. It can take time and support to change long-standing patterns. As your RDN, I support you with the science of functional and integrative nutrition and as your Nutritional Coach, I support you in making positive, holistic changes that will last. 

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Assessment & Testing

Nutritional recommendations are everywhere you look, but not all of them are going to be right for you. With in-depth blood testing for food and chemical sensitivities and micronutrient deficiencies, we can pinpoint the exact foods and supplements you need to thrive — and help you steer clear of those that promote inflammation, disease or unwanted symptoms.

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Natural Solutions & Body Mindfulness

Food is more than chemicals-in and chemicals-out, or a list of do's and don'ts on a handout. It is deeply personal and essential to a joyful life. My intuitive eating approach helps restore your innate relationship with food. You'll learn to discern your body's cues, honor your needs, and regain your natural peace and confidence in eating.

Hi! I'm Theresa Munkvold, RDN, LD

As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I've helped hundreds of clients uncover hidden food reactions, correct nutritional imbalances, and regain healthy, happy eating patterns. I specialize in eating disorders, disordered eating, food sensitivities, and nutrient deficiencies. Through assessment, personalized coaching, and gentle and effective nutritional approaches, we can quickly restore your health … and your healthy relationship with food.


Is a nutrition deficiency hampering your health?

The first step in addressing health issues is to understand what your symptoms are telling you. This quick quiz will help begin to shed light on the true root of your challenges. 

"I was dealing with a lot of digestive issues, painful gas, bloating and loose stools. I tried on my own to resolve these issues with various elimination diets and over the counter medications but nothing seemed to work I worked with Theresa to do the food sensitivity tests and nutrient deficiencies.

Now I eat most everything while avoiding the foods I know cause problems for me. I feel well and enjoy socializing again. It is such a relief to have resolved my food issues.  I would recommend Theresa’s services - she is empathetic and helpful, never makes you feel like a “nut” because you have symptoms that stymie other health care providers."

Jill M.

I was cycling through different diets. Binging and purging for 15 years.

After working with Theresa, I am able to recognize the "eating disorder " voice and separate myself from societal pressures.  I’m working on honoring and caring for my individual body…and developing a much healthier relationship with food.

Theresa listened so well. She was able to meet my needs where I was and didn't push too quickly. Theresa also was fantastic with communicating and answering emails. She has been the most help to me in the last 15 years than any other provider.

T.G., Boone, Iowa

I was having a problem with my face turning red[permanent red irritation], skin scaling, eyes swelling, etc. It went in cycles. Tried medicated ointments, watched my diet carefully, went to an acupuncturist. All of these things helped, but it kept coming back, worse each time.  After working with Theresa, and following a prescribed diet based on blood tests [food sensitivities and micronutrient] and taking appropriate supplements, my skin was back to normal. Couldn't believe it!

Theresa really listens. She brings a good, solid, varied background to her practice. She often makes suggestions and sends recipes, etc. specifically related to my needs.  I would recommend Theresa's services because...They work!

Judy. Huxley, Iowa

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