Cultivating a Healthier Intake…One Change at a Time.


Focus.  One thing at a time, I remind myself daily.

I find myself feeling so scattered some days.  So I have my mantras…Stop!  One thing at a time…the mantras help.  I finished my last newsletter the other day and I stopped to contemplate the content.  It addressed one way to improve health:

Strive for five, fruits and vegetable daily (emphasis on vegetables)

Included were a few examples of how to do so;

  • keeping frozen ‘steamers’ to implement during those pre-dinner starving moments (eating the entire bag of a non-sauced variety will hold you over, give you 3 servings of vegetables and approximately 180 calories) then, yes, go ahead and have vegetables with your dinner meal!!
  • plan your meals around your vegetable first…then consider your protein and grains
  • half of your plate should be vegetables…
  • eat a salad a day
  • slow roasting vegetables are easy and bring out a completely different side of vegetables that make you want to eat them
  • slow roast a lot at once and keep in frig to use as sandwich fillers, with pasta, on salads
  • keep cherry tomatoes out on the counter to grab as a snack instead of candies
  • carry fruit with you for in between meal snacks – the carbs and fiber will hold you over and save you from buying alternative, less desirable snacks, when hunger strikes
  • add vegetables to your breakfast…in your eggs or with toast
  • when you increase your fruit/vegetable consumption, you will eat less of everything else!

I didn’t go into all the reasons why.  I just hit on a few important points.  Then this morning I asked myself,”was that enough information?”  I’ve been working with people for years helping them improve their health to know – it is just right.

I LOVE all things related to nutrition.  I read it, breath it, I am intrigued and fascinated by the unending explorations of how relative it is to our health…I ‘gobble it up’ daily.  I get excited and want to share what I know so that others can make changes.  I am careful not to information dump on my people…it is overwhelming and doesn’t cultivate change.  So one thing at a time.

I reflected on my ideal:  Envisioning a world in which physical perfection is de-emphasized and people can relax, enjoy life, food and activity and have fun doing it without obsessing.  I envision Intuitive Eating/attunement being the ‘in’ (albeit already natural way) to eat.  I envision people enjoying all varieties of foods with respect that some are healthier choices than others and always striving to improve on what we do.

FOCUS.  Close your eyes and ears to all the bombardment of media, research, diets and ‘shoulds’  and follow me as I take you through tuning into your body, responding to what it ‘needs” and cultivating a healthier intake one thing at a time.



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