I have endorsed, lived, breathed, practiced and taught mindful or Intuitive Eating for years.  As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor it is my mission to spread the word about a practical and sustainable way to feed yourself that relieves you of guilt, food rules, emotional eating, deprivation, obsession with food and cultivates balance, health, peace and quality self-care.  Pay attention because diets are out – they are harmful to your health!  You go on a diet…off a diet.  Buy product, go off a product, only to lose weight and gain it back, usually more.  Mindfulness however, is in.  You don’t go ‘on’ and ‘off’ mindfulness…you increase your knowledge and skillset of it.  Getting to know yourself through mindfulness helps reduce stress related to eating, cultivates peace and… no special products needed.  The tides are changing… come along!

Media, advertising, healthcare, food companies along with a constant barrage of ‘the obesity epidemic’ and ‘latest research’ forces our food focus to fad diets, restricting our intake, micromanaging every nutrient we consume, changing how/what we eat as per the newest press release.  Some dietary management practices have their place in a disease state, but if not implemented due to a disease state, they lead us astray and to a disordered way of eating or a straight up Eating Disorder which have a profound negative impact on health.  Leading us further away from Intuitive Eating or Mindful Eating, which has profound positive impact on overall health.   Intuitive Eating is innate to us all and reflected best in young children who get really cranky when hungry or fidget at the table when not hungry or growing.   Generally speaking, I believe it is safe to say that the majority of parents would tell their child, “finish all the food on your plate!”  We teach them…don’t listen to your body, listen to ME!  The innate intuitive nature of eating (and knowing what is going on with our bodies) is lost along the way as we are so heavily influenced by these external factors as well as an overwhelming desire to be thin.

If you challenge yourself to ignore the latest diet trends or press releases about which food you should start/stop eating because [it will make you thin…you will have more energy….it’s better for you than…] and shift your attention to Intuitive Eating, there you will find the key to a practice that will cultivate sustainable habits to support your health for your lifetime not just until the next press release or diet fad that is announced.   There’s always room for improvement in what we feed ourselves, but first things first – learning how, why and when to feed yourself.

There are piles of research on how Intuitive Eating improves insulin sensitivity, stops binge eating cycles, regulates energy consumption (which regulates weight), decreases stress,  increases satisfaction with intake and….its sustainable!  As one of my clients suggested, “I feel like I know a secret to a happy and healthier body – something that does not cost, have to be refilled or will go out of style”.   You will hear more and more about Intuitive Eating in 2015.  Stay tuned.

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