Are you tired of the “New year, new YOU” slogan?  It is so disempowering.  A slogan dreamed up to make us feel flawed, dissatisfied with ourselves and buy into the next ‘fix’- usually a diet, diet product or machine for your house that you won’t use.  Instead of supporting the all too bloated, billion dollar a year diet industry, why not invest in something practical that will actually make a significant difference in your health; body, mind, spirit?  I’m talking about buying appropriate winter gear to help you either become more active and walk during the winter or help you maintain a walking routine through the colder months.

There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.  Embrace the cold weather that descends upon us for a good part of the year!  Dressed properly and moving, I can be out in practically any coldness and feel invigorated – not frozen.  I encourage clients and friends to get outside all year to stay active and those who start walking outdoors in the winter report that they love it, it’s  enjoyable and they don’t get cold.  They’re hooked  and these are folks who have never exercised.   I am going to use their words to describe what they have experienced walking in the winter:

“It’s good for the soul.  I just feel better, happier.”

“I have not ever been too cold and I’ve been out in -21 degrees!”

“I’m down 5 pounds in one month.”

“For me, it’s social and exercise.”

“I’ve taken some great pictures!  There are actually some beautiful snow scenes out there!”

Personally, I love to be outside in the winter.  Sometimes I have to work myself up to it or it helps to have a friend to be accountable to.  It’s one of those things that once you do it, you feel good and are so glad you did.  Especially because we become so dormant in the winter.   I enjoy cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, walking – just moving!  But you don’t have to be an athlete to get outside and walk through the winter.  It is quiet and peaceful because that is the nature of the winter months.  You are free to express yourself as you go; singing, swinging your arms any which way or even dancing a jig if you have music on.  The snow brightens up the night and the day.   Being outdoors in the crisp, cold, quiet, peaceful world can be meditative; my body is warm and I’m nurturing my soul as I walk in the wood where the owls are hooting, the deer are chewing on twigs and an occasional dog walker is about.

IMG_3279So here is a picture of what I wear on the coldest of cold walks (below zero temps):  a hat, neck gator, mittens with hand warmers from Walmart, snow pants, light down coat, fleece top, warm socks, and boots.  If it is around 20 degrees outside, these clothes are too hot once I get moving.

I am a thrifty shopper and buy on sale.  I am going to say that total cost of what is pictured was about $300-380 worth of winter gear.  That is the cost of some diets (diet products) for one month!  The difference is this purchase will get you moving and likely become something that you will stick with into all seasons.  Diets, on the other hand, stop working once you quit them.  An investment in winter wear will help you put one foot in front of the other to make steps toward a sustainable habit that translates into a healthier, happier you!

An empowering and  action oriented slogan to leave you with:  New Year, New MOVE.


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