Siggi’s and Go Red for Women Event

go red for women



The American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign has a mission to promote healthier lives, decreasing risk factors of cardiovascular disease and stroke, the number one killer of women. We were able to take part in the Go Red for Women event with 300 attendees here in Ames, Iowa.  We partnered with Siggi’s to feature Siggi’s Filmjolk,a heart healthy option; a source of calcium, protein, and vitamins B12, K2, and D and probiotics. All of Siggi’s products are all natural including real sugar, milk from grass-fed cows and no artificial colors, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.

We offered samples of the Siggi’s Filmjolk in vanilla, raspberry and blueberry. Many of the women that tried the Filmjolk were unfamiliar with the product and of those who tried it responded overwhelmingly that is was very good! Siggi’s Filmjolk is a great option for an easy breakfast or snack drink, excellent in a smoothie or a great way to add more protein and calcium to your day.  It is buttery (but completely fat free), thick (for a drink), and has more probiotics than yogurt.  See Siggi’s delicious recipes as a way to improve your overall diet quality.  This event inspires women to take care of their health via diet, exercise and other self cares.  We were proud to introduce Siggi’s as one way to improve diet.  Small changes can lead to big results, which can prevent something as devastating as a heart attack. It was so awesome to take part in this cause and interact with all of the women at the event!

  • Submitted by Katie Zenk, Dietetic Student Iowa State University -2016
  • pictured – Katie Zenk and Mariah Long, Dietetic Students at Iowa State University

Katie and Mariah

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